Thermalcopier A4

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NEW Thermal Copiers / Imagers A4 Before you start please remove the transportation locks as shown here! Forgetting this might damage the machine - not covered by warranty! Use carbontoner-copies of your design (from a copy-machine or laserprinter) for the transfer - some pens contain carbon and can be used directly - please test by yourself! Spirit Masters or Carbon type D (available in UK), both wax-coated papers - work very well, for correct positioning and result please click here! Always cover the Master and the design-sheet completely with a carrier - this easily helps to keep the machine clean inside! Only use carriers made from suitable materials - they have to withstand the inner heat of the machine! The blue 3M-carrier (available in USA) doesn’t work! Using the correct type of carrier avoids any jamming! Using our newly developed carriers type ’Hi-Resolution’ even improves the results - extremely brilliant, sharp images! There is NO jamming with this machine! Start on a medium setting! If result is too dark adjust speed-control to higher settings / faster transport - and vice versa... We ship a suitable carrier with our machines and also offer them as spare-parts!



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