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Nedz MR02

€ 380,00



Presenting the Nedz ZERO, the original MR01 design now available with our own adjustable cam that can be set between 2mm - 5.2mm, new needle bar tensioner and is fitted with a Delrine Slide to ease movement and aid stability, making for a much quieter machine. 

  • New Features:
    2.5W Maxon Motor 
    Nedz Adjustable Cam
    Needle Bar Tensioner
  • Spring Powered:
    First spring powered system
  • Body:
    Aircraft aluminium
  • Pistons:
    Delrine Piston
  • Springs:
    5 different options included
  • Adjuster:
    for final spring tension
  • Weight:
    130g approx
  • Operating voltage:
    from 8V
  • UK made

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