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Catalog     Power Supply Bronc Hummingbird - 3 AMPERE

Power Supply Bronc Hummingbird - 3 AMPERE

€ 95,00



new generation of ultra-luxury
touch tattoo power supply with beautiful
appearance.Excellent workmanship; voltage
change can be achieved with multi-touch
operationAnd pedal function and pedal
continuous output mode and regular output
mode conversion Easy to drive all types of
tattoo machines, is a tattoo artist Ideal
tattoo power supply

Input voltage range (adapter): 90-240Vac 50/60Hz
ninput voltage frequency : 50-60HZ
output power range : 0.3W-68W
output voltage range: 3-18V,adjustable output
voltage accuracy ±0.1V.
output current: 0-3A,accuracy ±0.1A. With overload
protection functions for current output.
duty ratio of output ripple: accuracy ±1%;
operating ambient temperature: 5°C - 40°C
operating ambient humidity: 30%-75%
operating ambient air pressure: 900-1060 hpa

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