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Catalog     Alimentatore Stab TE90 - 3,5 Ampere

Alimentatore Stab TE90 - 3,5 Ampere

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Electronic feeder for professional use in the field of tattooing. Suitable for feeding two reel or rotary machines selectable with a button. The separate mains power supply with input voltage from 90 to 265 Vca, makes the system versatile and easy to use in your world. Power supply realized with a powerful microprocessor, which allowed to insert new functions, become uli to feed new generation rotary machines. One of the salient features is the introduction of the OVER POWER to start the engines with higher power at starting. Not to mention the frequency display and duty cycle for reel machines. Buttons intuitively position easy to use.

TECHNICAL FEATURES - Input voltage 18Vdc-24Vdc max - Output voltage 1.8 - 16Vdc - Output current: Power supply function of network -Stability of output voltage <1% -Current output current: Power supply function of mains - 0.1V len and fast pulse regulation - Foot pedal jack (6.3mm jack) - No. 2 selectable output jack (6.3mm jack) - Over power for motors, available with button - Selection display : -Volt, Hz, DC -Soft rubber anscivolo-1/4 "screw-in for magneco support -Oper working temperature -10 to 60 ° C -Weight 0,280 Kg -Size 75x124x34 mm -IP20 class use only inside -Security standard EN60950-1

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