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3 liner 0,25mm-Cheyenne capillary 10 pcs

€ 20,59



The fantastic novelty is the new tip structure which features an internal tank with a capillary duct outlet system that regulates the emission of ink during the tattoo.

This means that in the filling phase, the New Capillaries absorb and retain more ink than conventional cartridges.
Furthermore, when you tattoo, the ink inside will be released gradually during processing, thus generating a controlled inkflow.

The inkflow is constant, so you won't have to go over the same spot several times to insist on applying the color.
This is because with capillaries the surfaces are filled constantly, reliably and, above all, more quickly.
The result? You will have up to 10 times longer lasting ink flow.

But it doesn't stop there, because the needle guide has also been improved, which allows ultra-precise work in any direction.

The patented safety membrane prevents blood from entering the handle and its cross-contamination.

All this is accompanied by the typical cheyenne control which is really microscopic to ensure the best quality control.

Made in Germany



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