Diablo Slide Rotary

€ 245,00



The Diablo Slide Rotary was engineered to be a workhorse machine. Its high-torque Mabuchi motor—designed to work with both standard needle setups and cartridges—delivers a strong, steady hit, and can be powered to run up to 8,000RPM. The CNC-machined aluminum body is sleek and durable. At 5.6oz, the machine feels sturdy and will dampen unwanted vibration. The Diablo Slide, while powerful, also aims for comfort and ease. A needle clip will stabilize your needle without the use of rubber bands, and the machine runs quietly, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Compatible with both standard needle setups and cartridges
Operates at a low noise
Needle clip eliminates the need for rubber bands
RCA Connection
RCA cord included FREE
Motor: Mabuchi 8000RPM
Machine Weight: 5.6oz
Material: Aluminum CNC
Available in three different colors and stroke lengths:
color :Black
medium stroke (3.5mm)



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